A Little Self-Care and Day 1 of Not Drinking

This blog is still private and I am going to quickly post because I have been promising myself to either get a pedicure (or repaint my toenails myself at least) for weeks now.   I need to get started soon if I am going to accomplish this today.  It looks like it will be a home pedicure because I am still glued to my computer.   Then this afternoon, I am going to get my haircut and my eyebrows waxed.  At least I have that appointment made so I can’t talk myself out of it.  I am hoping a little self-care will help me feel better about myself.  And tomorrow I need to get to a yoga class!  I feel like I sound so spoiled right now.  If my husband read this, he would probably think so!  But I am really feeling down on myself lately.  I am hoping these actions help.   I really need to take better care of myself so I can take better care of my family.  I am hoping blogging helps too.  I spend a lot of time during the day alone and I am learning it helps to get my thoughts out of my head.  I have also taken some steps toward my goal of not drinking.  I have been somewhat obsessed with reading other blogs about quitting drinking and other related websites.  It is fascinating and motivating how much is online on this topic.  That is one of the reasons I started this blog, to document my goals and help me stay on course.  I decided yesterday 5/12/14 would be my last day of drinking (at least for a while and maybe forever).  With my husband’s somewhat questioning agreement, (because I have done this before just 3 week ago), last night, I opened a bottle of some really good red wine which we got on a trip to Napa.  I wanted to end my habit with some good wine and wine that had significance to me.  It was a great trip to Napa and we had a lot of fun.  In the years since we went to Napa though, I have simply started drinking too much wine and earlier this year, I decided I needed to cut back.  Now I think I want to quit altogether.  Discovering all these online resources in April has really helped motivate me (Unpickled blog, The Bubble Hour podcast, etc).  In April, I did have 20 days of not drinking, and April 27 – May 9, I had 13 consecutive days straight without drinking.  But then I decided over Mother’s Day weekend to have a few drinks.  I did not really enjoy it.  I liked much better how I felt on the days I was not drinking in April and May.  So I am going to quit drinking, and really make the effort this time, and at the same time try to accomplish so many other goals.  I am going to try to keep it as simple as that  – even though I know it is going to be really hard!  So I took some additional steps to help me along the way.  Yesterday, I signed up for Belle’s 100 Day Challenge at the Tired of Thinking About Drinking Blog.  And I commented for the first time (albeit anonymously) on a sober blog at the 6yearhangover blog.  (His writing is hilarious and really helpful in motivating me).  Today I also commented under my “Via” name for the first time under the Yahoo Booze Free Brigade.  And my biggest step was emailing Women for Sobriety for information.   I almost backed out on hitting send but I figure it can’t hurt to simply request some information. I don’t even know if they have local meetings but if they do I might try one.  I think it would probably really helpful to talk to other women who have also decided to remove alcohol from their lifestyles.  There are so many reasons I have decided that drinking is not for me at this point in my life, and I should not be embarrassed about this.  I should be proud!  But I am nervous about telling other people and how they will react.  I have decided to not go into a ton of detail and keep it simple.  I have so many other goals I want to accomplish lifestyle-wise that quitting drinking goes right along with them.  (OK, so this got to be a pretty long post after all – and it is a little all over the place and somewhat boring!).  But I wanted to document those steps.  I am feeling tired but motivated.  I am motivated to get healthy for myself, my husband, and my kids!  I love my family so much! 


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