BFB and HONY/Kindness and Insight on the Internet

The last time I wrote in this blog was very early in this blogging journey – 12 days ago.  (I still have not taken off the privacy setting but I may sometime become brave enough because I feel like so many bloggers have helped me).  I am slowly but surely opening up and being honest with myself.  I have learned it does feel good to write out your feelings.  I knew this as a kid and teenager.  But as an adult and mother, I have been reluctant to keep a regular journal, because of the fear of who would read it and when.  Ironically, now I am contemplating journaling for the whole world to see!  It is definitely against my grain.  I don’t think I would ever reveal my true identity if this became public.  But sometimes I think it wold be nice to receive and read the supportive comments I see on so many other blogs.  And maybe someday this blog could help others.  If I had not found through a Google search the numerous blogs I read regularly now, or the Yahoo group BFB, I doubt I would be on Day 14 of not drinking.  It is like something clicked.  It made so much sense once I started reading about other women and their decision to give up their wine.  I love the taste of wine.  I love the smell.  I like the way it flows when it is getting poured into a beautiful wine glass.   I love the first glass.  Unfortunately, it usually goes downhill from there.  If I have too much, my next day is accompanied by a headache and upset stomach, not to mention those days when I fear I have said the wrong thing, or hurt someone’s feelings, or embarrassed myself. It is just not that fun anymore!  I am motivated by my own heart, but my motivation has definitely been bolstered and strengthened by the kindness and openness of strangers on the internet!  It helps so much to know I am not alone, there are other people (moms like me and others) who have decided to live without alcohol as part of their daily lives and they are doing it. They are sharing their journeys and helping others at the same time.  The kindness and insight in the blogs I have read and in the BFB reminds me of what I like about my favorite FB page and website, Humans of New York (HONY).  Brandon a photographer takes photos of strangers in New York City, interviews them, and posts a quote or two along with the photograph.  Usually the photo and accompanying quote prompts hundreds of thousands of “likes” and “comments” from strangers who are touched by the post. There is usually a life lesson in each post too.  It is awesome.  In a similar way, while I have not told anyone in my personal life other than my husband that I have stopped drinking, I have received support and inspiration from a group of very kind and insightful strangers on the internet.  I am so grateful for this group – I may even want to nickname them – Humans of Sobriety on the Internet (HOSI).  Somehow it does not seem as catchy of as HONY, but I cannot express enough gratitude right now to Unpickled, Mrs. D, Belle, 6yearhangover, and so many others. So that is what I was thinking of tonight – two acronyms BFB and HONY – where kindness and insight on the internet prevail.


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