Today is a Friday.  Friday the 13th in fact.  Fridays are always hard when it comes to not drinking.  And it is Father’s Day weekend.  My Dad passed away many years ago.  Fathers’s Day weekend is always sad for me.  It is Day 32 for me.  I needed some motivation to get through this weekend.  I read some blogs and found the motivation.  I will not drink this weekend.  I really wanted a glass of wine yesterday; and I know I will want some wine this weekend.  But I will stay strong.  I will not drink.  I am heading to yoga in an hour. That will help me too.  This is a short post but I needed to put it in writing today.  I will not drink today.  I will not drink tomorrow.  I will not drink Sunday, Father’s Day.   I will do this for me, my husband, my children, the memory of my father, and the memory of another relative (also a father) very dear to my heart.  See you Monday Day 35 (5 weeks). 


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