Time Management

Time Management – such a great concept in this busy time we live in!

This is a new goal I have, but it is not really new because it it is tied to a lot of my other goals.  As time passes since I have started this blog, I am realizing I need to improve at time management.  A lot fits into this goal:

-making time to spend quality time with my husband and my 3 children (individually and collectively);

-not overextending myself outside of my family life;

-making time for myself (yoga, long showers that I love, reading, etc.);

-managing my time so I am more punctual;

-finishing things I have started (instead of walking through my house from one unfinished project to the next feeling frustrated);

-enjoying the feeling of accomplishment when I get things done (instead of being so hard on myself about all that remains to do).

Mondays are always a To-Do List kind of day, as I am usually coming off a busy weekend with the kids’ sports and other obligations, and feeling overwhelmed with laundry, etc., as well as the schedule for the upcoming week.

For this reason, I am also glad that my weekly “anniversary” for not drinking also falls on a Monday.  As June proceeds, and the Mondays multiply, at least I always have this to feel good about on Mondays – I made it through the weekend without drinking and added another 7 days to my total!

Today is 42 days – 6 weeks alcohol free!  I made it 40 days – plus 2!  This actually exceeds the Lenten promise I did not accomplish the last 3 years!   More on that later, but for now, I am thrilled with passing 40 days.  There actually have been a fair amount of outings and events where I declined alcohol and I am proud of myself.   More on that later too.  But for now, Day 50 (July 1) is in sight – half-way to 100 on Belle’s Challenge, but I plan to keep going after that!

And on that note, I am off to bed to accomplish another goal – 7-8 hours of sleep a night, which also ties in with the time management goal.  I need to keep trying to be productive in the day and at night so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour and enjoy some nighttime reading.  Good night!


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