Today Is The First Day of The Rest Of My Life

Today is the first day of the rest of my life – yours too!  And it is the first day of a new month – a totally summer month – July.  And with the close of June, July 1 is the mid-point of 2014.  We are six months through the year and we have six months to go.  July is the month we celebrate our freedom in America!  I feel free and ambitious and excited today!

I so look forward to the next six months.  Everyone in my daily life is healthy and happy.  My kids are enjoying the leisurely life of summer.  We will have a low-key week here and will be surrounded by friends this weekend over the 4th of July.  Lots of families are going away together.  The adults and the kids will have friends to hang out with and it will be really fun.

Today is also Day 50 for me alcohol free!   I am very excited about this!  I look forward to seeing my “name” in lights – well red font – in Belle’s blog.

And I will use this momentum and acknowledgment to motivate me through this holiday weekend. Unlike as Memorial Day weekend approached, I am not even really that nervous about feeling awkward in anticipation of when I am offered and will decline a drink. I have been able to practice at a few occasions keeping it low-key, casual, “No thanks.  I’m fine.” or “No thanks. I’m not drinking today.”

Like so many other bloggers have mentioned, people don’t really care what I am drinking once we get past me simply politely declining.  I need to just keep it simple (no need for big explanations and excuses), and then I can easily change the direction of the conversation, or move on to speak with another person.  I am chatty and I can use that to my advantage through simple re-direction of the conversation. That is something I have learned to be able to do in the last 50 Days.

And, as a 50-Day gift to myself, I am going to order Mrs. D’s book today Mrs. D is Going Without.  She is an amazingly talented writer and her words in her blog (same name as her book) really motivate me. It is amazing how much has happened in the past 50 Days in the sense of my self-reflection and goal-setting.  I am sure my friends notice nothing because, well, I have not told them any of this that is going on in my head.  But today, thinking back on the days since May 12, 2014, I am feeling like I am accomplishing a lot!

Cheers All (with Pellegrino)!


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