My Name In Lights (Belle’s Red Font)

My “name” was in lights last week!  Well actually, it appeared in Belle’s big bright red font on July 3. I was so excited to see from Belle “Happy Day 50 to Via51214” among her other congratulation messages that day in her blog!  Yahoo!  I want to be able to access it in the future so I am attaching the link here.  Belle, (God Bless her!), has a lot of people to keep track of so I knew it might not necessarily appear on the exact 50th Day (July 1).  But I knew I would see it soon. And sure enough, on July 3, there it was, as an addendum to her regular post that day. It is amazing how as Day 50 got closer, knowing I would be mentioned motivated me! So here is the link:  And now I am 3 Days away from Day 60!  Day 100 absolutely seems in reach!  Because of all of this, and as a result of the more I read also, I think I am getting close to changing the privacy setting here.  I know I am ready to put myself out there more so to speak.  For example, today at the 6yearhangover blog, he talked about starting an email gratitude chain and asked if anyone would be interested.  I said in a comment after several others that I would like to participate. This is another big step for me because I have been quiet lately on the BFB; I have not commented much lately on others’ blogs, even though I read them regularly; to date I have kept this blog private; and I am even guarded in my daily emails to Belle as part of the 100 Day Challenge. But I have a lot “bottled” up inside of me lately, and I am too hard on myself very often. So allowing myself to feel what I am feeling, which is also something I am trying to do, but also thinking daily of things I am grateful for, and expressing them in writing to others would probably be really helpful. And in general, I think I need to be more of a part (active) part of a community. Doing this online is preferable to me at present. So I am excited about the possibility of the email gratitude group I just expressed interest in joining. And I may open this blog up on Day 60 . . . or Day 75 . . . or Day 90 if I get too scared on Day 60.


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