A Great Reminder

I just read another great post by Soberistas, “Why You Shouldn’t Fear Taking The Alcohol-Free Leap”. I wash’t planning on posting in my blog today but want to so I can quote and link to this great writing.  I want to be able to come back to it in times of doubt, and remember how wise this decision is to go alcohol-free. This is especially helpful as I start a vacation, and tonight, as a gift from my in-laws, am spending a night in a beautiful lodge.  I am sitting in a charming room, about to head to a spa, followed by a romantic dinner.  A lovely breakfast reservation is made for tomorrow.  I am excited to wake up and do some yoga before breakfast, remembering every moment of the night before with my husband, and feeling rested and energized.  The sound of a waterfall is in my ears as I type.  It is going to be a great 24 hours. This helps so much:


“Funnily enough, the drink, which many consider is helping them to cope, usually turns out to be the very substance that’s capping their ability to deal with things rationally in the first place.

The false confidence we believe to be intrinsically ours when out socialising often serves as an unflattering mask, and when it falls away in the morning we are left with nothing more than a series of half-memories and a niggling worry that, in the boozy heat of the moment, we acted or spoke in a way which now fills us with remorse and shame.

Whether we choose to drink alcohol or to abstain, life will remain the same; convoluted, at times tricky to navigate, and an emotional roller-coaster. We will be subjected to the same occasions of sadness, exuberance, anger, reluctance and disappointment, no matter if we turn to the bottle or turn the other cheek.

What are revolutionary are the concepts of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and a rational mind.” Thank you Soberistas for this great reminder.


5 thoughts on “A Great Reminder

    • Thanks Traci! We had a wonderful kids-free night! And now we are all in a cabin having a great time. It truly is a restful vacation for me and such a good test which I am passing! The other 3 adults here are enjoying their drinks, and except for those moments of temptation, which I a working through with the help of my computer, to access blogs and our Gratitide Group, I am really relieved and happy not to be drinking!

  1. So glad to read your blog and to see you’re still going strong! I’m not doing so well, but you are always an inspiration and a friend. Annie x

    • Annie, I have been traveling a ton – I know you were too – and I am glad to be HOME. I did make it through two long trips this month without drinking and I am so happy I did. I watched as you did 60 Days so I know you can do this if you decide too again. This summer, I was really determined to get to Day 100 – which is tomorrow! And now that I am here, I really like not drinking. So I will go for 180. Maybe in September, you’ll feel up to Belle’s challenge again? I am not letting myself obsess over whether I will never drink a glass of wine again. I am just learning through so many experiences that I really don’t need alcohol to have fun – just as Mrs. D says! And I like being clear-headed. I have also learned in the past 99 Days if I just take the choice away from myself by saying, “I will not drink today,” I don’t, and I don’t have to think about it as much. So many of these tips from many of our mutually favorite bloggers really do work!

      • Thanks for your advice! I am seriously considering starting again. I’m just trying to get the courage to do it. But today is your DAY 100! Hooray! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Love Annie x

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