Thanks Belle

Thanks Belle for putting my name in lights for Day 100!  Congrats to the many others who have reached millstones too!

And thanks for the great post today Belle:

This is a really inspiring post to those who are thinking of trying the alcohol free route!   At Day 104, the great thing is that nobody really even says anything to me for not drinking.  I get a few curious questions occasionally from friends.  But most times, people don’t even notice, or if they do, they don’t comment.  It’s not a big deal to anyone but me as it turns out.  This at first was surprising and in a weird way disappointing, but it is now just something I am grateful for in addition to having the online community to celebrate with me!  Happy Sunday everyone.


6 thoughts on “Thanks Belle

  1. congrats on being 100+ days!! I’m
    hoping to get there eventually. Belle inspired me to start a blog as well. I’m only on day 14 of sobriety and day 1 of blogging 🙂 I’m so glad I came across your blog. I need all the inspiration I can get! I agree that it’s disappointing and surprising how little people in my life seem to care/notice that I’ve stopped drinking. to me, it’s been an amazing feat so I’m pretty bummed that nobody seems impressed. that’s why support and inspiration from these sober blogs are so important to me!

    • Thanks for visiting llpetunia! And I will follow your blog too! I know I would never have made it 113 days so far without Belle and the wise words of so many bloggers in this community. Day 14 is wonderful! The first two weeks were so hard. And it is so strange – as you are noticing and I mentioned above – I feel like I have something really BIG happening with me, but none of my friends/family members even seem to notice. Then again, in fairness to them, I have not talked about it with any of them about either. They probably wold be very supportive if I gave them a chance. I have used avoidance of the social scene, the driving excuse many times, antibiotics once, weight loss plans a few times, and/or simply said nothing and drank my Pelligrino. Some people I have seen multiple times may be noticing a trend but none have commented. So again I guess I am relieved about that actually. Still it is SO nice to have a “place” in this sober blogging community to come to talk about things.

    • That is a great way to say it! Part of me is relieved nobody seems to notice or care; part of me wants them to say, “Wow you are doing an amazing job!” It is nice to hear the words of encouragement here! Thanks! And yes, Belle is awesome!

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