Just a Hello Post

This week I did a “Press This” (not really knowing what would happen), but hoping it would attach the Unpickled post I was trying to link to, and it did.  And just now I did a “Reblog” of Belle’s Friday Celebration Roundup, where my Day 180 was mentioned.  And that worked too.

WordPress does have some neat tools, many of which I have not made the effort to figure out. After checking on whether the “Reblog” worked, and it did, I thought, “Why not do an original post?  Just a simple hello, post.”

It will be short but,

“Hello.  I hope you are doing OK.  I’m good, and that is really a good thing, considering it is Friday! Today is Day 186 alcohol free. And I am excited for a ‘normal’ Friday night. I am going to order some food for our family, and we are going to watch a movie on the couch.  Last Friday, we were out of town, and the Friday before was Halloween.  And I can’t really recall the details of the prior Friday so it must have been a ‘normal’ Friday too.”

But wait, when did Fridays become “normal” again????  Did I really just say I am excited for a “normal” Friday?

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when I was posting the Fridays were still so very hard.  And they are still, in ways, but yet I am noticing that today was not at all as tough as a Friday was even a month ago.

Perhaps passing the 6 month mark from May 12, 2014 has really helped me turn a corner?

I am imagining a circle where I have passed the halfway point and I am going back “home.”

I joined Belle’s Team 365, after getting to 180 Days.  And while at times this week, making this additional pledge to 1 year (yikes!!!!) has really made me nervous, today, right now, I am absolutely OK with it – and it is Friday!

Maybe I am OK because I just saw my name in Belle’s Friday Celebration Roundup.  I don’t know because really I have been OK all day.  Maybe Fridays are really getting easier, and maybe I will continue to be excited about “normal” Fridays again?   We will see.

But after re-blogging two other posts this week, I wanted to do my own simple post to just say hello.

So . . .  “Hello. I hope you are doing OK today too.”

Friday Celebration Roundup

Yeah! Thanks Belle! I love seeing my “name” in “lights” (big RED font) on your Friday round-up. I have been looking forward to it since last Saturday (since my Day 180 fell on Saturday) and it makes me smile! And it is nice to see some other familiar names! Thanks so much for all your help and support!

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Happy Day 50 to Sing a New Song!

Happy Day 50 to Cathy Lou!

Happy Day 50 Christiee!

Happy Day 50 to GB!

Happy Day 50 to E!

Happy Day 50 to Canadian Girl!

Happy Day 50 to Sherrilyn!

Happy Day 50 to Madame!

Happy Day 50 to Chelle!

Happy Day 50 to LynnLynn!

Happy Day 50 to Nontu!

Happy Day 50 to GG!

Happy Day 75 to JessMarie!

Happy Day 100 to Gigs!

Happy Day 100 Ms Jones!

Happy Day 100 Auggie!

Happy Day 100 Jo14!

Happy Day 100 MaryMary!

Happy Day 100 Mom-e!

Happy Day 112 to Bridget!

Happy Day 180 to Rachael!

Happy Day 180 Shelby!

Happy Day 180 Raquel!

Happy Day 180 Weenie!

Happy Day 180 Via51214!

Happy Day 200 to Spritzer!

Happy Day 200 Jenuhful!

Happy Day 200 Welles!

Happy Day 200 K!

Happy Day 200 Gra!

Happy Day 200 Mallomar!

Happy Day 223 to…

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So Worth a Re-Post! Trying “Press This”

I did not really know what the “Press This” button meant on WordPress.  So I am trying it and it looks like it will post a link to Unpickled’s post today, which is exactly what I am trying to accomplish!  In her consecutive days of posting in November, which I have really loved and have learned so much from already, this post of Unpickled stands out to me as one I will want to go back to over and over again. So I wanted to link it here.  It is awesome and so helpful!  Thanks so much Unpickled!  I have just passed 6 months – my last day of drinking was May 12, 2014.  Sometimes I feel like I have come so far, but other times I feel like I have just begun this journey.  Surely to those who have achieved long-term sobriety, 6 months does still definitely fall with the “newly sober”.   There is still so much to learn and do.  Unpickled, your insights in the past 6 months have been so helpful and this post was so therapeutic for me:  5 Common Questions of the Newly Sober.

November is Here!

I remember way back in May when I signed up for Belle’s 100 Day Challenge.  I downloaded a counting App but I also wrote tiny little numbers in my daily planner/calendar to keep track of my days.  I wrote a tiny little number on every day all the way up to 100 which brought me to August 20.  And every day in that timeframe, I know exactly what “Day” I was on.  I never had to look at my tiny little numbers or App Counter to know which Day I was on.  I knew every morning when I woke up and I knew every night when I went to sleep what “Day” I was on.   Counting the Days and building this momentum really helped me.

At the same time in May, when I was writing tiny numbers in a calendar, I was also booking a family trip for November 7 to November 12.  It struck me that the 6 month mark, (if I was able to continue alcohol free for 6 months), would be the last day of the trip.  I thought that would be pretty cool!  I set this as a goal without trying to focus on it to much.

When I reached Day 100, and pledged to Belle to do 180 Days, I counted out the days again in my planner, this time counting by 7’s, putting a tiny little number in my planner for each Monday until I got to Day 175, and then I noted the individual days up to Day 180.  Back in August, November seemed a long way off too!

But sure enough, guess what happened after Day 100, I wasn’t really thinking every day anymore about not drinking.  In other words, especially during the weekdays, it was becoming normal not to drink and not to think about it!  I no longer knew every day what “Day” it was.  If I was curious, I would look at my App or the closest Monday and do the math.  But I was thinking less and less about what “Day” I was on.  And I was realizing that this is a good thing!

Weekends were and are still the toughest time.  So among other tools (mostly reading blogs, posting in my Gratitude Group, or listening to the Bubble Hour), I would also motivate myself by thinking about that tiny little number – a 3-digit number now though – that I would see on Monday, if I made it through the weekend.  And sure enough, when I look at my planner every Monday, that little number brings me joy.  I like numbers and math, and also started to notice whatever multiple of 7 the numbers are, thereby calculating the weeks too.  In October, for example, October 6 was Day 147 (21 weeks), October 13 was Day 154 (22 weeks), October 20 was Day 161 (23 weeks), October 27 was Day 168 (24 weeks). I did stop and write down Day 150 on October 9, and wrote a blog post that day, because I thought that was quite a milestone. And getting that far was not easy!

Also, October was a tough month, full of ups and downs.  I knew it would be tough – but this became all the more reason to get through October without drinking!  As Mrs. D recommends and Belle too – in October I was trying to look on the bright side and tell myself at least I am experiencing the ups and downs head on – and letting myself feel what was happening and I was not escaping into wine.  And I was not obsessing over what “Day” it was.  But October could not end soon enough for me.

I tried to follow my philosophy of one day at a time, but I found myself really looking forward to November.  I was thinking about and longing for that tiny little number I would see on the November 3 page – “175”. I knew the first Monday of November would be Day 175 (25 weeks).  That will feel like a milestone, I remember thinking – that day will feel great!

And It does.  I decided I should write something today here.  (Because on November 8, I will be celebrating on vacation my Day 180, and will probably not be near my computer).  So today, November 3, Day 175, was a good day and I have decided it would be a good day to write something after my Day 150 post.

It turns out all I am writing about is how I counted my days and came up with my idea that I wanted to write something today!   But it is something – because I am here – I made it to November.  And not drinking, as hard as it has been at times to abstain from wine, has been a really good thing for me.  It is good.

And I plan to keep going.  I will keep going beyond Day 180, beyond the 6 month mark, and into the 200’s.  I don’t know if I will start counting by the 12th of the month or by 25’s then in my calendar . . . but I am not going to analyze that now.  I do know that counting the days and the weeks has been a good tool for me.  And it helps me when I start to think too far ahead to remind myself to just focus on today, one day at a time.

So, I am going to follow my own advice and bring myself back to appreciating the moment here and now on my Day 175.  And I am going to feel grateful that November (elusive far-off November) is here!