So Worth a Re-Post! Trying “Press This”

I did not really know what the “Press This” button meant on WordPress.  So I am trying it and it looks like it will post a link to Unpickled’s post today, which is exactly what I am trying to accomplish!  In her consecutive days of posting in November, which I have really loved and have learned so much from already, this post of Unpickled stands out to me as one I will want to go back to over and over again. So I wanted to link it here.  It is awesome and so helpful!  Thanks so much Unpickled!  I have just passed 6 months – my last day of drinking was May 12, 2014.  Sometimes I feel like I have come so far, but other times I feel like I have just begun this journey.  Surely to those who have achieved long-term sobriety, 6 months does still definitely fall with the “newly sober”.   There is still so much to learn and do.  Unpickled, your insights in the past 6 months have been so helpful and this post was so therapeutic for me:  5 Common Questions of the Newly Sober.

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