Do The Next Right Thing

It’s Wednesday, December 17, the middle of the day in the middle of this very busy week.  I decided to stop and check in with the “to-do” list I made Monday after my last post.  I made a list of what I was hoping to accomplish each day this week.  I’ve gone a bit out of order, and not surprisingly I am behind, but that is OK.  A few other things came up that needed attention.  Yesterday especially, I am glad I allowed myself to veer from the list.  Because it involved doing something to help a friend.  And she truly appreciated it. It reminded me of the best advice I heard this year, and I am not sure where I even heard it the first time.  The Bubble Hour perhaps?  Belle? Or perhaps I read it in another blog too?  I know I have heard it a few times; and now I repeat it to myself a lot.  I can’t believe I never wrote about it here.  The advice: “Do the next right thing.” It’s just so perfect.  When you are a list-person, a people-person, a wanting-to-be-perfect person, a wanting-to-be-there-for-others person, like me, it is perfect. It works when I do something good.  What’s next?  Do the next right thing. It works when I veer from my to-do list.  What’s next? Do the next right thing. It works when I make a mistake or have a regret.  What’s next?  Do the next right thing. So as I was between “things”, I thought about this advice again.  And then I also thought, “Gosh that would be a good blog post.”  And it would be a shorter and more straightforward post than most of my blog posts! So here it is.  Writing this post was the next right thing. What’s next?


6 thoughts on “Do The Next Right Thing

  1. some people use the term “next indicated thing” or similar. Just what you talk about – doing the little and maybe not-so-little things in front of us that come from love or common sense or selflessness. Little things are usually it. The good stuff. And sometimes it’s the stuff that makes us uncomfortable, but when we do it, we feel good about it.

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂


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