Day 275

My numbers-brain is compelling me to write today.  I am on Day 275.  And I realized that means I am 90 days from 1 year without alcohol.  That is amazing to me. But then I have to tell myself, as I have so many times – don’t get ahead of yourself.  Take it one day at a time!  Such good advice from so many of you out there in the blogosphere! I just commented on a blog where the writer was frustrated asking for help in the process of giving up alcohol.  I commented that, in my experience, taking it one day at a time really does work.  And then the days add up. Over time, while some days are definitely tougher than others, it really does get easier.  Like last night, when I met two friends at a venue to listen to a cover band on a Tuesday night. Seven months ago, I would have turned down this invite.  Four months ago, I would have said yes, but would have been stressed and worried all day about how I would handle it when I was offered a drink and what they would think. Almost nine months in on this decision, (a decision I have not talked with either of these friends about personally), I was excited to go out and I knew I would not drink.  I figured I would deal with the conversation if it came up and it may not.  As  Tuesday progressed, I was getting more excited to be able to go out to see a band play – not a usual Tuesday for me by any means!  And I was excited to see my friends.  I have known them both my whole life and they are married now. This is how I handled the not-drinking thing.  It was not planned in advance by me.  But when I got there, I saw them at a table across the room.  I waved to my friends, and then went straight to the bar to get myself a tall glass of ginger ale.  Then I came over and put my glass down and hugged them and said hello.  My one friend had a glass of wine in front of her and her husband had a beer.  I asked if they were ready for anther drink and they said they were fine.  So that was it. I knew my friends would offer me a drink if I came to the table first, so I got my ginger ale first, and then came to the table.  This way, the topic of what I was drinking was not the first thing we discussed.  And in fact it never was discussed! The band played – it was dark – it was loud  – the music was awesome!  Between sets, we’d chat and laugh and had a great time.  A waitress came by to check on us occasionally.  At one point, I got a refill on my ginger-ale.  And I think they each ordered two more drinks. My friends probably noticed I was not drinking, but they did not comment or ask.  We had a great time.  And today, while I am more tired than usual on a Wednesday, I feel great about my decisions to go and have fun; to not drink while doing so; and to not make a big deal with them about my not-drinking. This is what worked for me last night and I felt like it was worth a post here.  I am reminded again that true friends really don’t care what is in your glass!  It’s a pretty awesome reminder at Day 275 of not drinking.