Saturday Celebration Roundup

I am reblogging to capture in my blog Belle’s post mentioning my Day 300. Congrats to all those who hit milestones! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, Belle and your apprentices for keeping track and celebrating with us! We love seeing our “names” in “lights”!

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Happy Day 50 to Bizi!

Happy Day 50 to Trixie!

Happy Day 50 to Jo!

Happy Day 50 to Mamahope!

Happy Day 50 to tamtam!

Happy Day 50 to Auds!

Happy Day 50 to Haleakala!

Happy Day 50 to Sweet-Tea!

Happy Day 50 to Acosborne!

Happy Day 50 to Colorado_kate!

Happy Day 50 to Sacha!

Happy Day 50 to KKPW!

Happy Day 50 to TT!

Happy Day 61 to 1035!

Happy Day 62 to Nontu!

Happy Day 70 to MoMaH!

Happy Day 100 to Imbak!

Happy Day 100 to Tewks!

Happy Day 100 to Jennetic!

Happy Day 100 to Debs!

Happy Day 100 to Southern Magnolia 1013!

Happy Day 100 to Rock2015!

Happy Day 100 to Bean!

Happy Day 100 to Liza!

Happy Day 180 to Magdalena Maria!

Happy Day 180 to Graceb!

Happy Day 180 to Bex!

Happy Day 180 to TB!

Happy Day 180 to Amberboo!

Happy Day…

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