Day 500 Plus A Few

On September 24, 2015, I reached Day 500.  I could barely enjoy it.  It’s been so busy!  But don’t worry – I have plans to do that spa-day (need to get it scheduled), and to get the new phone (still have an iphone 4 and was supposed to get a new iphone 5s for my birthday last year – which is at the end of October – and I’ll get an iphone 6s now – but need to do so soon – so it does not become this year’s gift)!

Like most Moms with 3 school-aged kids, there is a lot going in the Fall when school starts up and Fall sports and activities’ schedules kick in and every day is a juggle with adjustments after rainouts and games rescheduled and direct conflicts that resolve themselves with rainouts or sick kids or simply saying no.   Hey, how about that?  The beauty of saying no!

Suffice it to say September was a whirlwind.  And I have about 5 minutes here to post before I go pick up my daughter at Girl Scouts.  I wanted to attach the link to Belle’s post mentioning my Day 500.  I love these Friday round-ups, especially when I am mentioned!

I am amazed right now that the most consistent and predictable thing in my life right now is me not drinking alcohol!  That is pretty amazing.  Two Octobers ago, I was getting really scared.  Not this October.  I know I need to slow things down and treat myself a bit better.  And I will do that – it is my birthday month after all.

I am very grateful for Belle.  And I am very grateful to all of you who read here and boost me up.  And I am grateful for my Gratitude Group, and the Bubble Hour, and so many bloggers.  Goodbye September. Hello October!

6 thoughts on “Day 500 Plus A Few

    • Thanks Annie. I so appreciate your kindness and support! It always makes me feel good when I see your name and read your comments. It really helps! I hope you are doing well and being kind to yourself. I am often very hard on myself so I am working on that area too!

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