Day 613

I sat down for the first time this week to catch up on some blogs and I am so proud of my friends here! I’ve read so many great and inspirational updates and it really made me smile! And it motivated me to post today too.

Today is my Day 613.  I’ve been planning a wrap-up post on my 2015 word of the year (Growth) and on my new word of the year for 2016 (Health) and I will do so soon.  For now, this will be a short post as I head into the weekend.  This January has already been so much better than last January when I was trying to stay motivated to go for Day 300.

Tonight, I will be going to my 12-year-old’s basketball game and there is a team dinner afterward.  Tomorrow, I have a girls night out with friends.  Ironically, both restaurants are BYOB.  I will be proudly carrying in my bottles of sparkling water.  I am not nervous about what people will think. I am not nervous about them wondering whether I drink (new friends) or wondering why I am still not drinking (old friends).  It will just be what it is.  I will be present and enjoy the company and not obsess over what is in my glass and what people are thinking about what is in my glass.  And in the mornings I will feel rested and ready to tackle the new day.

Also, tomorrow in the daytime, I will be attending a new year all-day yoga retreat at a friend’s yoga studio!  I am so very proud of myself for registering for this in early January before the day was filled with kids’ commitments which it now is.  And I do not feel guilty about my husband being the one to take the kids around tomorrow to their games/activities without my help.  I know he can and will do fine.  Again, this is progress for me –  letting go a bit and  knowing my family can do fine for a busy Saturday without me!

This retreat is my Day 600 gift to myself.  Self-compassion and self-care will definitely play into my word of the year – Health.  More later again on this.  For now, I wanted to provide a quick update on my 2016 so far.  Namaste!