Saturday Celebration Roundup

I am reblogging to capture in my blog Belle’s post mentioning my Day 300. Congrats to all those who hit milestones! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, Belle and your apprentices for keeping track and celebrating with us! We love seeing our “names” in “lights”!

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Happy Day 50 to Bizi!

Happy Day 50 to Trixie!

Happy Day 50 to Jo!

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Happy Day 61 to 1035!

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Happy Day 70 to MoMaH!

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Happy Day 180 to Magdalena Maria!

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Happy Day 180 to Bex!

Happy Day 180 to TB!

Happy Day 180 to Amberboo!

Happy Day…

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Ten Months: Progress Not Perfection

My last drink was May 12, 2014, ten months ago yesterday.  That night, I told my husband, after a few failed (not-so-serious) attempts in March, and three failed (serious) attempts in April, that this was it.  I was doing the 100-Day Challenge and I was going to stick with it.

I had realized once and for all that this not-drinking thing was really not so easy.  And this realization sunk in deep.  Honestly, it scared me.  I was starting to have such a sinking feeling.  I seriously really might have a problem I came to realize.  It felt like I had a rock in the pit of my stomach.

Alcoholism is in my family – mostly with men.  I have seen several men in my family die younger than they should have.  Was alcohol or addiction a contributing factor to their declining health and deaths?  Most likely yes.  But me, could this really be happening to be?  It couldn’t be happening to me; could it?  This was something that happened to the men in my family, not the women.  But it was happening to me, I knew deep-down.

I am a daughter, a sister, a mom, a former star student, college graduate, a professional turned a stay at home mom, who is a good citizen, fun friend, trusted confidant, and loyal family member.  I am one of “the ones” who is always there for other people, who reaches out or is reached out to, when my family, friends, loved ones need help or guidance or advice.  They look to me to be an example of how to navigate life with pride and confidence, how to be responsible and decisive, how to face hardships, and how to have fun again when the hardships are overcome.  (Or at least, that is what I think they think of me).  I probably should ask them at some point.

But going back to last May, without admitting it out loud, I was thinking deep down, “How did it come to be that I had this problem?  Did this just sneak up on me?  Or was I so oblivious and it was here all along?  Why did I think I was immune and that this could never happen to me?”  And I wondered who I could turn to to say, “Hey, I think I might have a problem.”

I couldn’t bring myself to talk with any of my loved ones about this except for my husband.  My husband lives with me so he knew how much wine I drank.  He knew about the stops and starts.  He knew this was a problem for me.  I finally realized it too.

So I turned to him  . . . and Belle  . . . . and sober blogs . . . and initially the BFB . . . until I was able to get into a smaller online gratitude group.  I started this blog under an anonymous name.  I don’t write here as often as I should, and even here, I find myself holding back.  I find myself doing what I do in real life, being upbeat and chipper and positive, and avoiding revealing the tougher emotions of being scared or worried or sad.  Why?  Because: 1) I don’t want to bother other people with my problems; and 2) I don’t want to admit that I have problems.

Recently, I started therapy and that is really helping.  It is helping me peel back the onion so to speak and dig deeper and be honest with myself.  It is helping me learn to recognize and start to deal with my underlying worries and fears and emotions.  I also love listening to Tara Brach’s audios.  They are amazingly enlightening and interesting.  It is like I had an initial waking up last Spring.  Now, I am realizing there is so much more to see about how and why I found myself in the position I was in last May.  I am ready to go there and try to figure it out.  I will likely not share it all here, but I will try to check in at least once a month. That is my goal at this point.  (And I am very grateful to those of you who read my blog and comment even though I have not posted very often or regularly).  And I know how much I gain from reading other’s blogs.

Since I last had a glass of wine, I have watched Spring turn to Summer; Summer turned to Fall; Fall turn to Winter; and Winter is turning to Spring again. Every season is trigger-y in a different way I have realized.  St. Patrick’s Day and baseball season are approaching very soon.  I am hoping my momentum will carry me through, just like I got through our skiing trip in the Winter, and my birthday in the Fall, and being by a lake in the Summer.   I had heard on the Bubble Hour the phrase “Fake it until you make it.”  And that actually works!  For example, I have used this line a few times – “Oh I stopped because I started to realized I am more fun without drinking.”  And I am actually truly starting to believe that now!  I think am probably more fun without drinking!

Now when I want a drink, it is mostly in the sad and challenging times.  But I have learned it is important to feel the feelings, and learn from them and not instinctively react to numb or avoid them.

I am writing today because I realized that it is 10 months since my Day 1, and I actually did not even realize it until 10 am!  For the neurotic day, week, month counter I have been, that was for some reason significant to me – to not even realize my 10-month anniversary was today until well into my day.

I guess that is progress in that I am not as obsessed with counting the days any more.  And now that I remembered I am at 10 months, I decided to ask myself, “How do you feel?”

Honestly, right now, I feel all over the place in this blog entry!  But I also feel content.  I am not overjoyed and I am not down in the dumps.  I feel like there has been progress, not perfection – another great phrase that has really proven true for me.

Taking away the alcohol did not solve all my problems or resolve all my worries.  But I am seeing a lot more clearly now, especially inward into myself.  I feel more in tune with myself.  I feel more honest with myself.  Progress not perfection.  That’s how I feel, and that’s OK.  One day at a time still for me.  I am on my way today.

Day 275

My numbers-brain is compelling me to write today.  I am on Day 275.  And I realized that means I am 90 days from 1 year without alcohol.  That is amazing to me. But then I have to tell myself, as I have so many times – don’t get ahead of yourself.  Take it one day at a time!  Such good advice from so many of you out there in the blogosphere! I just commented on a blog where the writer was frustrated asking for help in the process of giving up alcohol.  I commented that, in my experience, taking it one day at a time really does work.  And then the days add up. Over time, while some days are definitely tougher than others, it really does get easier.  Like last night, when I met two friends at a venue to listen to a cover band on a Tuesday night. Seven months ago, I would have turned down this invite.  Four months ago, I would have said yes, but would have been stressed and worried all day about how I would handle it when I was offered a drink and what they would think. Almost nine months in on this decision, (a decision I have not talked with either of these friends about personally), I was excited to go out and I knew I would not drink.  I figured I would deal with the conversation if it came up and it may not.  As  Tuesday progressed, I was getting more excited to be able to go out to see a band play – not a usual Tuesday for me by any means!  And I was excited to see my friends.  I have known them both my whole life and they are married now. This is how I handled the not-drinking thing.  It was not planned in advance by me.  But when I got there, I saw them at a table across the room.  I waved to my friends, and then went straight to the bar to get myself a tall glass of ginger ale.  Then I came over and put my glass down and hugged them and said hello.  My one friend had a glass of wine in front of her and her husband had a beer.  I asked if they were ready for anther drink and they said they were fine.  So that was it. I knew my friends would offer me a drink if I came to the table first, so I got my ginger ale first, and then came to the table.  This way, the topic of what I was drinking was not the first thing we discussed.  And in fact it never was discussed! The band played – it was dark – it was loud  – the music was awesome!  Between sets, we’d chat and laugh and had a great time.  A waitress came by to check on us occasionally.  At one point, I got a refill on my ginger-ale.  And I think they each ordered two more drinks. My friends probably noticed I was not drinking, but they did not comment or ask.  We had a great time.  And today, while I am more tired than usual on a Wednesday, I feel great about my decisions to go and have fun; to not drink while doing so; and to not make a big deal with them about my not-drinking. This is what worked for me last night and I felt like it was worth a post here.  I am reminded again that true friends really don’t care what is in your glass!  It’s a pretty awesome reminder at Day 275 of not drinking.


I love the “Word of the Year” idea.  My last post indicated I am not making any resolutions.  I have been thinking about what my “Word of the Year” would be, however.  Unlike specific resolutions, the idea of a “Word of the Year” seems a bit more broad, open-ended, adaptable to me.  After all, we’re talking about 12 full months!  I also liked when I read somewhere that you are allowed until January 31 to choose and change your word.  So I took my time in choosing my word.  I needed a word that would help me continue with what I started in 2014.  Around mid-month, I starting thinking about “Growth.”   A goal to keep growing in all the areas I am striving to improve might work, I thought!  I shared the idea of “Growth” with a few people so far, and I’ve gotten positive feedback.   I have joked with my kids, “It does not mean I want to get any bigger; I want to grow on the inside.”  It means I want to grow in lots of areas:  love, presence, awareness, gratitude, kindness, initiative, time management, self-care, and many other possible areas I am not thinking of at present.  I figure with “Growth,” there is always room for this list to grow!  So I am going with “Growth” in 2015. Today is also Day 260 of being alcohol-free.  In 40 Days (essentially equal to another Lent), I will be at Day 300.  That is part of how this alcohol-free journey started. Two years ago, I decided to give up wine for Lent – I made it about half way through.  Last year, I also decided to give up wine for Lent.  Again, I did not make it through, with lots of starts and stops throughout those 40 Days.  Finally, on May 12, 2014, three weeks after Easter, I had built my resolve and decided to go fully alcohol-free for 100 Days.  I joined Belle’s challenge and that worked!  I joined the 180 day Challenge, and then signed up for Team 365 after that.  And here I am at Day 260. My plan is to keep going, one day at a time.  I know now from personal experience, in addition to hearing this great advice early on, when you take one day a time, the days add up.  This year on Ash Wednesday (February 18), I could be at Day 282 (if I keep on going!).  On Easter, (April 5), I could be at Day 328 (if I keep on going!).  At that point, a year, 365 full days, would be in sight! But I am getting way ahead of myself. As I have also learned in the past 8 1/2 months, the days are going to pass whether I drink a glass of wine or not.  The world does not revolve around me.  And God is not going to grant me worry-free, stress-free days as a reward just because I stopped drinking.  In fact, I am going to have to deal with the worries and stress in other more mindful ways, without the escape of alcohol. Also, the thoughts do come sometimes.  “OK, after a year, you can stop this little exercise in will-power and go back to normal.”  No, I respond to myself.  Why is drinking so normal?  Who decided this?  And It seems like more than an exercise in will-power.  I am learning so much.  A gentler little voice sometimes tries to tell me, “After a year, it will be OK to have a glass of wine with friends every once in a while.  You can just continue to be alcohol-free at home.”  But so far, I have been able to push the voice away, and bring myself back to today. “I will not drink today. And, I will take one day a time.” Most times, when I don’t have these thoughts, I feel really good.  More often than not these days, I feel a peace inside of me, a warmth; I feel love and hope.  I also feel a motivation now to dig deeper and figure myself out more.  I feel a need in 2015 to learn more about myself.  So I will keep on going.  I will keep on growing.

Happy New Year 2015

I don’t really have any New Year resolutions.  I am just going to keep doing what I am doing – trying to be true to myself – as I continue work on the many personal goals I have mentioned previously.  If I do so, my loved ones will benefit too.  And I had a great realization in the past 7 months – I fall into the category of my “loved ones”!  I love my husband and family so much; and I also love myself.  I know I am really trying and I am proud of myself.  I am on a good path.  I will keep appreciating every day as a gift.  I will keep thinking every morning “Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” If I am hesitant on what to do next in a certain situation, I will think, “Do the next right thing.”  If I make mistakes, I will make amends.  And I will forgive myself.  I will keep practicing kindness and gratitude.  I am glad I decided to stop drinking in the Spring and to take it one day at a time.  And now I am here having just closed out 2014 after 233 Days alcohol free.  It felt really good to have an alcohol free New Year’s Eve!  I am thoroughly enjoying, at 12:21 am in the time zone I am in on vacation, all the New Year Facebook posts, and the blog posts here, and today’s posts from my Gratitude Group.  So I decided to do a quick post here.  I am clear-headed and happy.  In 2015, I will keep going “on my way” – Viatoday.

Do The Next Right Thing

It’s Wednesday, December 17, the middle of the day in the middle of this very busy week.  I decided to stop and check in with the “to-do” list I made Monday after my last post.  I made a list of what I was hoping to accomplish each day this week.  I’ve gone a bit out of order, and not surprisingly I am behind, but that is OK.  A few other things came up that needed attention.  Yesterday especially, I am glad I allowed myself to veer from the list.  Because it involved doing something to help a friend.  And she truly appreciated it. It reminded me of the best advice I heard this year, and I am not sure where I even heard it the first time.  The Bubble Hour perhaps?  Belle? Or perhaps I read it in another blog too?  I know I have heard it a few times; and now I repeat it to myself a lot.  I can’t believe I never wrote about it here.  The advice: “Do the next right thing.” It’s just so perfect.  When you are a list-person, a people-person, a wanting-to-be-perfect person, a wanting-to-be-there-for-others person, like me, it is perfect. It works when I do something good.  What’s next?  Do the next right thing. It works when I veer from my to-do list.  What’s next? Do the next right thing. It works when I make a mistake or have a regret.  What’s next?  Do the next right thing. So as I was between “things”, I thought about this advice again.  And then I also thought, “Gosh that would be a good blog post.”  And it would be a shorter and more straightforward post than most of my blog posts! So here it is.  Writing this post was the next right thing. What’s next?


It’s Monday morning December 15, 2014 – 10 days before Christmas!  It is time to start really enjoying the season.  It is time to make sure I stop and soak it all in at times – the lights, the music, the excited anticipation building with the kids.  I am not the kind of person who rushes Christmas. This is partly because I absolutely love Thanksgiving, and I want to enjoy that weekend without rushing into the next holiday!   Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  For Thanksgiving, there is no pressure to buy gifts or decorate or buy costumes.  It is simply a time to be with family, eat a great meal, and reflect on how we are grateful. While I have not posted here in a while, we had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  One of the highlights for me was going on Friday to a sing-a-long showing of The Sound Of Music!  It was so fun to belt out the songs in a theatre with Julie Andrews and lots of family!

Then, like most years, the weekend after Thanksgiving, I allowed myself to start thinking (a bit) about Christmas.  This year Thanksgiving was late (November 28), so the weekend after was already December 6-7.  We got our tree December 7.  It is a beautiful Frazer.  Slowly, but surely over the course of the last week, we decorated the tree with lights and ornaments, doing a few ornaments each day.  Yesterday, we got our stockings hung and had Christmas music playing.  Yes, it is starting to feel like Christmas around here!

So where am I going with all of this here in this post?  Well, the kids have 5 more days of school this week before being off for two weeks.  For a stay-at-home mom like me, that means those 5 days are the days to really get it all done!  This includes:  the Christmas cards, the extended family gifts, the teacher gifts, the Santa gifts, the attire for the school shows chosen, the holiday clothes and shoes too, the treats for the school parties, the angel costume for the Christmas Play finalized, getting the Amazon and UPS boxes from out-of-town grandparents opened and wrapped and under the tree while the kids are at school, etc., etc.   Whew, I need to take a breath!  My husband, God bless him, has gotten a big start on our Santa shopping so we are in good shape there.  But now, this week, it is really time for me to join in and get a ton done.  “It will get done.  It always does,” I tell myself.  And I work better under pressure.  I always have.

This year I also feel different though and it is such a good thing!  I have a calmness inside of me that feels so different.  It feels great!  That paragraph above last year would have had me in a frenzy.  Now, when I say, “It’ll get done,” it is with a smile and a self-assuring hug to myself.  I really can’t believe it but I am honestly not stressed about it.  I am calm.  (We’ll see how I am Friday!).  But truly, I am looking forward to the challenges of this week.  And I am looking forward to the time I will have with my family over the two weeks after that.  I feel like I have learned so much in the past 7 months about myself and about what is truly important.

I know to breathe when I start to get anxious.  I know to slow down and focus when I find myself going room to room in a frenzy looking at all the unfinished projects.

And other things I have learned.  I am reminded here by my own writing and so much I have read to be present.  I know to stop and listen to my daughter when she wants to show me an ornament, and what she likes about it.  I know to really be present when I am tucking each of my 3 kids in bed at night.  I know not to let the dishes waiting for me and “to-do’s” to distract me from being there, truly present, adjusting their blankets and making sure they have their favorite stuffed animals, and kissing them goodnight.  I know to feel with every fiber within me their hugs.

My oldest is 11.  I know in 7 short years he will likely be away at college.  This time of year he will be studying for finals and not home to help us with the tree in early December.  And I will not have the opportunity to tuck him in every night.  The teenage years are on the horizon.  And the other two kids, at 9 and 7 will soon follow.

In the past 7 months especially, I have learned, now is the time, now is moment – the present.  This is where I am now.  This is where I need to be focusing.  Of course, we have to plan here and there – have milk in the fridge for tomorrow’s cereal, etc.  But I have learned it does not help me to get all jittery inside and anxious worrying about all there is to do in the next 5-10 days.  It will get done.  And enjoy it while doing it!  Take it in, that moment, live in that moment.

So, in the next 10 days, I will not rush through to get to December 25.  I am writing here to remind myself of this.  I talk fast, I move fast, but I will try to take it slower.  I will try to enjoy every moment, smiling to myself as I watch my boys feel uncomfortable in their holiday sweaters singing on stage.  I will be enjoying the moments on December 24 watching my shy daughter be really brave as she performs as an angel (with a group of other little angels) behind the Angel Gabriel in the Church Christmas Eve Play. This is the first year any of my kids have volunteered to be in the Play, and I am so proud of my daughter.

And in the next 10 days, the rest of 2014, and continuing on after that, I will be alcohol free.  This will help me be more present too.  I will not be waking up with headaches or regrets about drinking.  Today is 217 days, 31 weeks since May 12, 2014.  Friday December 12, 2014, was 7 months.  I have gotten through a lot of social events (including my husband’s work holiday party on December 6 the day before we got our tree).  And “gotten through” is a poor choice of words actually; I genuinely had fun at this party and recent events.  Remember The Sound of Music Sing-a-Long – “The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music!” (Read in a singing voice I hope).  I am starting to feel like I am actually having more fun at social events without drinking.  I am conversing intelligently until the end of the night, remaining witty and funny (I’d like to think) until the event winds down, like at the December 6 party.

I know I would not have had as much fun on December 7 getting our tree with the kids if I was hungover!  And in the last 7 months, as much as I have wanted to have a glass of wine at times, let me tell you, there has not been one morning in the last 7 months where I have woken up thinking,”Boy, I really wish I had a drink (or 5) last night.”  It has not happened!   So the effort has been worth it for me so far.  My husband and true friends really don’t care what is in my glass – whether it is bubbly wine, bubbly ginger ale, or bubbly water.  They don’t care.  And while I may think I really want a glass of champagne, the next day I am so glad I did not.

I am learning so much through all that I am reading (lots of sobriety blogs), books (loving Mrs. D’s book right now), my Gratitude Group and our sharing, the podcasts I am listening to (The Bubble Hour) as well as the audios of Tara Brach whom Mrs. D recommends, and through life experience.  The most awesome thing is that while I turned to all of the resources to help me with my decision to take a hiatus from drinking, I am learning so much more about the person I am and the areas where I am strong and the areas where I need to improve.

In the last 7 months, I have learned that Recovery Tools are so helpful in so many areas of life, not just quitting drinking!

I have a lot of areas where I am still trying to improve – punctuality, time management, being considerate of others (thank you notes, not losing my patience, being kind especially when others are not), organizational improvements, self-care, being present, etc. I am also learning that, actually, I can’t blame all of my “bad” habits on my drinking!  And taking away the wine did not magically take away all of my “bad” habits!  Ha!

Drinking wine certainly helped me with avoiding all the areas where I want to improve.  Avoidance and procrastination are two main issues I have – wine did not cause them but it certainly contributed to them!  And now that I feel so much better every morning, I can tackle more things.  And if I don’t, I am more forgiving of myself. I am developing strategies to improve in these above-mentioned areas.  I am trying – one day at a time.

That is another area where I am improving  – not being so hard on myself.  I do still have high expectations of myself.  But now I know I am not perfect and that is OK!  And my kids are not perfect and that is OK!  Being imperfect is the way it is meant to be.  Mistakes and regrets provide an opportunity to learn and to grow.   Thank you Bubble Hour!

I am unique.  I have flaws.  I make lots of mistakes.  But they are part of who I am.  And I am still a loving person who deserves to also be loved.  And the same is true for my husband and my kids and my mom and siblings and nieces and nephews.  I love them all so much for who they are!  And while for a bit (or longer – I need to think about it all more) I was allowing myself to go down a path of potentially not loving myself, I do really love myself again.

So on to that to-do list!   Happy Holidays everyone.  Thanks for listening if you have gotten this far. Enjoy the moments!

Just a Hello Post

This week I did a “Press This” (not really knowing what would happen), but hoping it would attach the Unpickled post I was trying to link to, and it did.  And just now I did a “Reblog” of Belle’s Friday Celebration Roundup, where my Day 180 was mentioned.  And that worked too.

WordPress does have some neat tools, many of which I have not made the effort to figure out. After checking on whether the “Reblog” worked, and it did, I thought, “Why not do an original post?  Just a simple hello, post.”

It will be short but,

“Hello.  I hope you are doing OK.  I’m good, and that is really a good thing, considering it is Friday! Today is Day 186 alcohol free. And I am excited for a ‘normal’ Friday night. I am going to order some food for our family, and we are going to watch a movie on the couch.  Last Friday, we were out of town, and the Friday before was Halloween.  And I can’t really recall the details of the prior Friday so it must have been a ‘normal’ Friday too.”

But wait, when did Fridays become “normal” again????  Did I really just say I am excited for a “normal” Friday?

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when I was posting the Fridays were still so very hard.  And they are still, in ways, but yet I am noticing that today was not at all as tough as a Friday was even a month ago.

Perhaps passing the 6 month mark from May 12, 2014 has really helped me turn a corner?

I am imagining a circle where I have passed the halfway point and I am going back “home.”

I joined Belle’s Team 365, after getting to 180 Days.  And while at times this week, making this additional pledge to 1 year (yikes!!!!) has really made me nervous, today, right now, I am absolutely OK with it – and it is Friday!

Maybe I am OK because I just saw my name in Belle’s Friday Celebration Roundup.  I don’t know because really I have been OK all day.  Maybe Fridays are really getting easier, and maybe I will continue to be excited about “normal” Fridays again?   We will see.

But after re-blogging two other posts this week, I wanted to do my own simple post to just say hello.

So . . .  “Hello. I hope you are doing OK today too.”

Friday Celebration Roundup

Yeah! Thanks Belle! I love seeing my “name” in “lights” (big RED font) on your Friday round-up. I have been looking forward to it since last Saturday (since my Day 180 fell on Saturday) and it makes me smile! And it is nice to see some other familiar names! Thanks so much for all your help and support!

Tired of Thinking About Drinking

Happy Day 50 to Sing a New Song!

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So Worth a Re-Post! Trying “Press This”

I did not really know what the “Press This” button meant on WordPress.  So I am trying it and it looks like it will post a link to Unpickled’s post today, which is exactly what I am trying to accomplish!  In her consecutive days of posting in November, which I have really loved and have learned so much from already, this post of Unpickled stands out to me as one I will want to go back to over and over again. So I wanted to link it here.  It is awesome and so helpful!  Thanks so much Unpickled!  I have just passed 6 months – my last day of drinking was May 12, 2014.  Sometimes I feel like I have come so far, but other times I feel like I have just begun this journey.  Surely to those who have achieved long-term sobriety, 6 months does still definitely fall with the “newly sober”.   There is still so much to learn and do.  Unpickled, your insights in the past 6 months have been so helpful and this post was so therapeutic for me:  5 Common Questions of the Newly Sober.